The simplest 3D origami tree (Christmas tree), a master class for beginners

Video description

If you are interested in how to make the easiest and most simple modular origami, then this video is for you. In it, we show a detailed step by step assembly 3D origami Christmas tree.

We need normal green A4 sheet.

cut sheet quartered

Cut 1/4 another two portions ie make 1/8 and 1/8

And make pieces

This piece the size of ¼ (one-fourth, "Quartered")

And this is a piece of 1/8 (one-eighth)

That's what we should be able to

Insert a piece of 1/8 in a piece of 1/8

then insert pieces ¼

take a piece of orange paper 3.5 cm by 5 cm and make of it

tree trunk

You can glued tree onto paper. Make fir forest or any other applications at your discretion

That's all! The simplest 3D origami "tree" (Christmas tree) is ready!

If you decide to do this wonderful hobby "Modular Origami", then making such a simple little figures as herringbone, you improve your skills.

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